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Pim Boreel (1994) is an artist who operates at the intersection of sound art, composition and auditory world-building. Throughout his work, he explores other-than-human perspectives by translating living systems and climate imaginaries into imaginative sonic landscapes and immersive installations. When depicting these often hidden sensory worlds, Pim utilises sound and code as investigative tools to rethink multispecies interdependency and deepen human understanding of our relationship to the world.

He stretches the possibilities of multi-sensory storytelling by sonifying and spatialising creative concepts for a broad spectrum of contexts such as performances, virtual reality, art installations, films and music productions. Working in a symbiotic balance between his alias DJ D3liver0.o, Pim continues to explore new ways of sonic storytelling, embracing musical expression in all forms.

His work and collaborations have been exhibited at museums, galleries and media art festivals such as Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL), Ars Electronica (AT), STRP festival (NL), Dutch Design Week (NL), NTU Singapore (SG), GHMP Prague City Gallery (CZ), Cultural Centre Tobačna 001 (SI), Multimedia Center Kibla (SI), Oerol (NL) and Uncloud (NL). Besides this, his works and collaborations received nominations and awards for the Ars Electronica Starts Priz and NTU Global Digital Art Award.

Currently his practice is being supported by the Talent Development program from Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industry to develop his research-driven project AquaPocalyps, the sonification of the deep sea.

photo by Martijn Kuyvenhoven