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Pim Boreel (1994) is an artist and curator who works at the intersection of sound art, composition and experience design. In his work, he explores other-than-human narratives by translating living systems into imaginative sonic landscapes and experiences. He pushes the possibilities of multi-sensory storytelling by sonifying and spatialising creative concepts for a diverse spectrum of contexts such as performances, virtual reality, art installations, films and music productions.

His work and collaborations were exhibited at festivals such as Ars Electronica (AT), STRP festival (NL), Dutch Design Week (NL), NTU (SG), GHMP Prague City Gallery (CZ), Cultural Centre Tobačna 001 (SI), Multimedia Center Kibla (SI), murmur (NL), Oerol (NL) and Uncloud (NL). His works and collaborations received awards and nominations at Ars Electronica Starts Priz and NTU Global Digital Art Award.

photo by Martijn Kuyvenhoven